During the lock-down period I am slowly bring zoom classes out.  There will be no theme - we will go with whatever we need.

For insurance purposes I need to make you aware of the disclaimer notice but it also has some tips for keeping safe:

Disclaimer, tips & medical check in reminder

 You may need:

A yoga mat on a non slip surface is best but you can test out your rugs,  your wooden floor – check you are not going to slip or your legs slide away when you don’t want them to!

A cushion or folded towel or blanket to sit on if you don’t have blocks.

A belt, this can be a tie, dressing gown belt or a scarf – you don’t mind pulling.


It is your responsibility to: 

Remember to always work within your limits, avoid going beyond them and causing harm.

Ensure your space is safe and free from hazards, for chair yoga that means a stable chair on a non slip surface.  For regular yoga making sure your yoga mat does not slide or using a non-slip surface.

If there are any changes to your health that affect your participation before continuing with classes.  If I do not hold a medical form for you you need to complete one before participating in the class.

If any medical condition that may affect your participation you should seek medical advice first.

Whilst every care is taken to ensure that your safety is maintained during yoga practice, I understand that I participate at my own risk and I understand Elaine Tague cannot take responsibility for any injury or damage incurred during Yoga Practise.