I am passionate about the healing powers of Yoga – I am in my final year of Yoga Therapy Training and this influences my teaching and with small classes I am able to provide modifications to suit the individual.

You will leave the class feeling more relaxed and less tense in body and mind.

Over time you may notice greater flexibility and mobility - range of motion and ease of motion. People have reported better sleep, less pain, greater strength and balance as well as increased flexibility and mobility!

All classes are suitable for beginners and the one in Hull at the Scrap Store is a beginners class. There is a chair-based yoga class in Hedon as well as a regular evening class.

I also run private classes and one-to-one therapy sessons.

To help you choose a class have a look at FAQ and I have put yoga levels on the class page.

If you would like to chat about what to expect from a Yoga Class and/or your requirements, please contact me, Elaine Tague:

07741 453526 yogayetihull@gmail.com or message on facebook


Next Steps...

To find out more about yoga and which class might be suitable for you - check out levels and FAQ.   Or phone or text 07741 453526 for more information.