As well as being a fully qualified and insured yoga teacher. I am currently undertaking a 550 hour diploma course in Yoga Therapy with the world-renowned Yoga Campus and practising monthly in their Islington Clinic.

Now over halfway through the course, I notice that my classes have become more and more about function and well being. That is about improving how your body functions and does not mean the classes are easy. Though if you are after headstands and handstands then my classes won't be for you.

There is challenge in all classes. For example, gentle and chair-based classes may include more squats for leg strength or abs as well as joint mobilising practise. Always you have the option to stay or add on. I include balance work in all classes and, of course we finish with relaxation or yoga nidra (sleep).

I am now also available for one-to-one Yoga Therapy Sessions. Yoga therapy is a set of poses that are designed especially for you. Yoga can be beneficial for anxiety, arthritis, low back pain, osteoporosis, hip issues, digestion, chronic fatigue ...

What to expect from Yoga Therapy - You will complete a health questionnaire which will form the basis of a one-to-one discussion. I will then have a look at how you stand, move and breath. Then goals will be set according to your priorities and you will be given a practise to do at home which will be reviewed or extended as necessary in future sessions..

Professional and confidential

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To find out more about yoga and which class might be suitable for you - check out FAQ.   Or phone or text 07741 453526 for more information.