Yoga with Elaine Tague

Yoga makes you feel better - physically and mentally! It improves flexibility, strength and balance.

You don't have to be young, fit or skinny, though fine if you are. Poses are adapted for your body or how you feel that day.

I teach Hatha yoga from very gentle to regular classes.  In addition to my Teacher Training with Amiyoga, which I loved, I have been accepted on a Yoga Therapy training course so I can encourage even more people to feel the benefits of yoga.

Everyone is looking for something different from their yoga class so feel free to try a lesson with no obligation.

You will leave feeling relaxed.



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I teach 'Hatha' yoga which is  static, that means that poses are held for longer, which can be challenging, so it is not always gentle!

Our classes begin slowly and can build into a strong practice - how strong depends on the class, or you, as an individual.  Many of the poses build up layer-on-layer so you can stop at the place which is best for you that day.

There may be flow between some postures.  We will work with the breath ... and there will be a well balanced range of poses.  They may be a theme, for example, finding space.

Whatever class you join ends with relaxation or yoga nidra, "Last time I felt wonderful."




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To find out more about yoga and which class might be suitable for you - check out FAQ.